Goodbye Snails

Snail-free Agave Attenuata

Ohh, you shoudla heard the expletives fly this morning when I discovered this colony of snails in my beloved agaves.  I wanted to pull an Amy Stewart and throw them into the street…but there were too many neighbors and passersby out and about, so I gathered up about 15-20 snails and threw them into the garbage. Goodbye!



Snail Hideout



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  1. Nice clump of agaves. I think they look really good massed together. Did you plant them like that or did they volunteer from another plant? It looks very natural.


    • Hi Chuck!
      This clump started as a single agave attenuata that I got at a farmer’s market in Santa Cruz over 10 years ago. I fell in love with it, but naively asked the man if it flowered. Ha. I remember that he got a little huffy and replied, It doesn’t have to flower to be beautiful! I had it in a big pot for years, then put it in the ground 5 years ago, where it has grown and the pups really took off. The small one to the left is from a different plant. I had that one in a pot in full sun and it was turning yellow, so I moved it to its present semi-shady spot last year and it seems much happier.


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