Blue Jay Friend

Here’s Oscar, our 13 year old Senegal parrot enjoying the afternoon breeze in his temporary cage in the back yard while I hosed down and cleaned his regular indoor cage. All of a sudden, this curious Blue Jay hopped on to the covered BBQ next to Oscar. Hello!


I think the Blue Jay was seriously impressed with the variety of seeds and fresh organic baby carrots in Oscar’s food dish. He may have been interested in the assortment of toys as well, but I’m pretty sure it was the seeds he was eying.

Oscar looking at me like, Who IS this guy?

 So, what’s the deal with Blue Jays? They’re bullies, right? Or is that just the reputation they enjoy in the neighborhood? I’ve never really paid much attention to them. But I did go inside to get him a peanut of his own. When I came back he was gone, so I put the nut on the barbecue. A few minutes later the peanut was gone.



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  1. Posted by Mom on May 31, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Ah… have a BlueJay Buddie. My new neighbor let me know right away that HER BlueJay was tame and her pet. I do see her pet BlueJay in my yard and I think he wants to be my friend too ! I also put a peanut on my deck rail and within minutes he/she was there to get his treat. I think BlueJays get a bad rap ….. they squak and are loud and chase off all the other birds…………….so I do think they are bully birds and I miss all the other small, sweetly chirping birds. I will not for now put out a peanut for the neighbors pet BlueJay….


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