Deer Neighbors

We went for a walk in the neighborhood the other evening and came upon a couple of our deer neighbors.

They are cute little destroyers, aren’t they? I remember when we first moved here a few years ago, I was inspired by a recent trip to Boston where I saw many potted cabbages for the first time. They were so pretty! So I bought a couple of planter boxes for the front porch and loaded them with lovely purple and green cabbages and paired them with orange and black pansies for an October display of Halloween color. It only took a few nights for the neighborhood deer to locate the “salad bar” I so thoughtfully put out for them.  They ate all of the contents of both planter boxes overnight. Hmph! I was so shocked and dismayed! (Rookie that I was.)

So I switched to front porch succulents. And the deer don’t touch ’em!


2 responses to this post.

  1. The succulent container is fab!


  2. “Cute little destroyers.” : ) So true! My aunt calls them “&%$##@ Bambi”


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